Tier 4

Tier 4 General (Student) Visas

The students who wish to come to the UK under a Tier 4 student visa require a university or other UK educational institution on the register of sponsors to sponsor them.

They require a minimum score of 40 points in order to qualify for the entry clearance/ extension of their visa. The students will be able to claim 30 points for having a valid Confirmation of Acceptance from a Tier 4 sponsor. The candidates required to score 10 points towards the maintenance funds by showing funds in their account for 28 days continuously immediately prior to their application.

From 6 April 2012 onwards the latest maintenance level required for the students study inner London limits need to show £1000.00 if the place of study is outside the London limit is £800.00


From 6 April 2012 those who study below graduate level course will not be grated right to work in the UK.

The students who pursue graduate level course at a UK recognised university or a publically funded college will only be given a right to work.

As per the latest rules only the post graduate students studying at UK recognised universities will be eligible to bring their dependants to the UK.

We are experts in dealing with Tier 4 applications from inside and outside the UK therefore if you intend to make a Tier 4 application and require assistance please contact us on 020 8912 2280.


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