Tier 2

Tier 2 (General)

This route offers an entry route into the United Kingdom for skilled workers who are from outside of the European Economic Area. All the applicants who seek entry clearance or an extension under this category will need to have a job offer from a UK based employer who are licensed to sponsor migrants.

Those who apply need to score at least 50 points under the attributes and 10 points individually for English language and maintenance.

Tier 2 has four categories: such as General, Intra Company Transfers, Sports people and Ministers of Religion.

In view of the recent changes in order for someone to qualify for a Tier 2 general visa the applicant will have to meet the following general criteria’s:-

  • Need to have a minimum annual salary of £20,000.00 per annum.
  • Job should be at or above the graduate level jobs.
  • Salary should be paid according the latest Code of practice.

Those who wish to switch from Tier 4 to Tier 2 will also need to complete a UK degree level course which is not less than 12 months in length.

As per the new rule those who was issued with a Tier 2 visa after 6 April 2011 will not be eligible for Indefinite leave to remain in the UK unless you earn more than £35,000.00 per annum or the job you do comes under the shortage occupation.

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