Long Residence Applications

This is another category under which one will be eligible to apply for ILR in the UK. Those who have been here in the UK legally for the last 9 years and 11 months will be eligible to apply for ILR. No matter how did you enter the UK or under which category you have been living in the UK, you will be automatically eligible to apply as long as you meet the residency criteria.

Please note that in order to be eligible to apply under this category you will need to meet the required English language and other general criteria.

Please also note that if you had made any late applications more than once during your stay in the UK may cause refusal therefore it is highly recommended to take legal opinion before making the application.

We are experts in dealing with long residence applications to the UK therefore if you intend to make an application under this category and require assistance please contact us on 020 8912 2280.


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