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The United Kingdom has always been a hotbed for immigrants wanting to come to the country for better economic opportunities and prosperity. The influx of immigrants into the UK has been so much so that it has recently been dubbed the “Mecca” for Immigrants.

The inflow of migrants has increased to an unmanageable level which is why the Home Office has moved to toughen laws for immigration with an aim on reducing the number of total migrants coming into the UK. Fortunately, this does not mean that the UK is shutting its doors to legal immigrants. The country is still opening its arms for educated individuals and entrepreneurs who can improve the economic landscape in the United Kingdom.

We know for a fact that there are hundreds of people who are eligible to come and settle down in the UK, but are unable to do so for a lack of professional guidance. Our professional team of qualified immigration solicitors and lawyers will help you throughout the process, providing step by step guidance and constant support.

Despite the fact that the Home of Office has tweaked the way appeal rights work, removing them for certain applications, most of the applications to enter or leave to remain are still open to an appeal if you aren’t able to get through in the first instance. Our legal representatives are here to assist you and fight on your behalf if you or any of your relative has had their application refused.

Primarc immigration solicitors based in East Ham help immigrants already settled in the UK; bring their spouses, partners and other family members to the UK. As a law firm, we recognize that there are hundreds and thousands of illegal immigrants staying in the UK. Most of these people are made up predominantly of people who entered the UK legally, but over stayed the time period that they were allowed. Others have entered the UK illegally and continue to live without proper permission from authorities.

As a firm we recognise the predicament that they are in. They are facing an uncertain future, scared of the police and fearing for the future of their family, most illegal immigrants are people who entered the UK with an aim and a hope of making the most of economic opportunities and wanted to rebuild their lives for the better. We can help them. We know that most of them can either:

  • Be eligible for a discretionary Leave to Remain
  • Be eligible to seek Asylum under the Human Rights Law

As a firm, we are proud that we have played our part in regularizing the status of many people in the UK.

We realize that “Brexit” has changed the situation for EU citizens working and living in the UK, they are concerned about their status and the legal status of their spouses. Fortunately, we are a widely respected law firm in the EU community, because we have helped several EU citizens and their spouses extend their stay in the UK. It is a fact that there have been rapid and abrupt changes made in the law.

These changes have complicated an already complex situation, which is why it is important now more than ever before to have a professional and competent lawyer aiding you throughout the immigration procedure.

At Primarc Immigration Solicitors East Ham, we have an excellent track record when it comes to helping individuals from around the globe successfully immigrate to the UK with their families. Our services are not only restricted to individuals looking to enter the UK for their domestic needs, we also have experience in helping businesses to start or extend their business operations in the UK. The UK is a hub of economic activity and we want entrepreneurs from around the world to be able to come to the UK and explore the business opportunities on offer.

Not only are we looking to help our clients legally, we are also looking to help them cut down their costs of immigration. In certain uncontested matters, we offer our customers fixed fees for our services.

Our Services Include:

  • Appeals Detention
  • Sponsorship License Applications
  • Application for Settlement
  • Application for Naturalisation
  • Spouse visas
  • EEA applications
  • Asylum
  • Tier 1 Entrepreneur visas
  • Tier 2 visas Discretionary Leave to remain
  • Sole Representative Visas
  • Visit visas

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