Brexit and Immigration

I am a Director at Primarc Solicitors. Our law firm specialise in Immigration, Property (Sale, Purchase, Re-mortgage of Houses, Flats and Shop Leases) Family law (Divorce, Divorces from Philippines, Child Contact and financial settlements) and Wills & Probates. We have various high standard accreditations like Lexcel, CQS, Legal aid and have an excellent track record in providing high standard legal services.

UK is one of the hot spots for the economic migrants around the world. The enormous job opportunities available in this country, the influence of English language are the main reasons for making UK on top of the priority list. Being an immigration practitioner for the past 20 yrs, I understand that there are many from Philippines and around the world who would like to come and settle in the UK and others here are however struggling to settle in one way or the other. In this session I would like to discuss the concerns of the Filipino migrants in view of the Brexit in simple words avoiding legal jargons.

Although UK has always been an attractive destination for migrants all around the world, the Country had strict immigration control in place which restricted the immigrants coming to the UK. The political view changed in late 90’s and there was an inflow of migrants especially nurses, carers, students and highly skilled migrants etc. This policy was widely criticised as the number of migrants increased alarmingly and it became a main agenda for the new governments to bring strict measures to limit the net migration.  As a result the UK government adopted the successful Australian style point-based system in order to curb the net migration and closed most of the immigration routes. On the other hand the EU citizens were not affected by any of these restrictions as they always had the privilege of free movement by exercising the EU treaty rights.

The statistics shows that there have been an increasing number of EU state nationals coming to the UK to work and majority will settle. Since they do not have restrictions to work in the UK, this was considered to be the main work force replacing the non EU community. When UK comes out of the EU as a result of Brexit , the EU national citizens will not have the free movement’s rights anymore and they will also require permission to work in the UK. This will probably create more job opportunities and offer better prospects for the non EU citizens to come , work and settle in the UK. I hope the Philippines will be most beneficial community as most of them speak English and they are highly skilled in their respective profession.

Interestingly the UK government as a first step has reinstated Post Study Work (PSW Visa) with a view to encourage international students to come and study – work – settle. The new policy is widely appreciated as this will attract more foreign students and make UK as one of the most attractive destinations.

UK is anticipating a real short fall in its work force during the post Brexit period. There are also unofficial reports that Mr Johnson may even declare amnesty and this will help the illegal migrants to regularise their immigration status and become part of the UK work force and the economy. There are hundreds of illegal Non-EU citizens living in the UK and I hope if this happens, the whole community will be able to make the benefit of the post Brexit situation.

If you think you or anyone who you know are one who would benefit from the current explained situation, we would be happy to guide and assist you to accomplish this task.

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