Due to wide abuse of the system and the absence of proper measures to prevent the abuse has caused to increase the number of immigrants coming to the UK. According to the statistics those who come to the UK are economic migrants and will settle in the UK within five years. This issue has debated among the British society and its politics. As a result of this, the newly elected conservative government has introduced number of major changes to the immigration system to restrict the number of migrants entering the UK.

There is a general feeling that UKBA is going away from itsthe fair policy. Apart from changing the rules abruptly, they have a tendency to make immigration impossible by introducing 100 page application forms etc…

In the current year itself, the UKBA has announced two major changes on 6 April and 9 July.

On 6 April, the UKBA has announced number of significant changes such as stop granting ILR form 2016 onwards for those who do not meet the annual income threshold of £35000.00. The Tier 2 general immigrants who do not qualify for ILR will have to leave the UK at the end of their five years. If they would like to return to the UK have to apply for an entry clearance but can only return to the UK after a gap of 12 months. The new rule restricts the domestic workers to extend their visa for more than 6 months or switching their employer.

The UKBA has introduced a new visit visa category which is called the permitted paid engagement. This enables for those who come to the UK for short term to take up paid employments up to a maximum of 1 month. This is a good news for the professionals and business community and academicians who often come to the UK on short term assignments.

The rules introduced on 9 April were mainly aiming to restrict the family migration. The new income threshold is considered as the most important changes announced on 9 April 2012. The qualifying period for a spouse to be eligible for ILR has increased to five years from two years.

Commercial properties

Everyone knows that the property market is volatile. There are new buyers who would like to buy houses but they are unable to obtain the mortgage. This has prompted most of them to divert the money into small scale business. The government has also announced special packages for the start up business in the light of the economic recession.

It transpires to us that due to the above reasons there is an increase in the number of people who start new businesses in the UK.


The rate of redundancy is ever time high. However we note that there are some employers who exploit the situation to get rid of their employees therefore we advise not to sign the compromise agreement before getting the legal advice.


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